Earth Frequency Festival 2019

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Earth Frequency Festival 2019

A Natural Mystic

Follow a series of dusty roads and winding trails leading from Australia’s major cities and coasts, and you’ll come upon Earth Frequency Festival, a four-day transformative event set deep within Queensland’s natural surroundings, encased by mountains and its lush, rolling plains perforated by deep canyons and forests.

The breathtaking landscape – on the edges of Australia’s expansive bush heartland – serves as a good starting point for a focus on our treasured planet, from the fest’s “leave no trace” attitude to its sustainable décor and layout. Bringing with it an ethos of education, community and open mindedness, the nature of this Aussie favorite sees the good and great seek to widen their knowledge of the earth and themselves.

In 2015 Earth Frequency celebrated its 10 year anniversary and it remains one of Australia’s most popular transformational festivals, upholding values such as personal growth, healthy living, social responsibility and the freedom of creative expression at its core while promoting positivity and a strong sense of community. Furthermore, Earth Frequency is set in the spellbinding scenery of Queensland – an area that represents Australia at its most majestic.

Fire Up Your Synapses

There’s often more to festivals than just music alone and Earth Frequency brings together various elements of the eclectic world of the arts in all its spectacularly giddy glory. Watch a dance troupe perform gravity-defying moves, learn and participate in the spiritual nature of the “visionary art” scene and witness the devilishly delicious performance of the Creatrix Matrix temptresses. It’s a festival that prides itself on encouraging expression, whatever form that may take and you’ll come across a myriad different outlets for self expression while there.

With a key focus on family values, Earth Frequency provides parents and children the space to spend time together at The Family Realm, where children can learn about the world (and themselves) and also participate in exciting and creative activities. Or, head to the Frequency Village for crafts, arts, workshops and a barrage of new sensory experiences. When you feel the urge, head to the Market Stall area for a range of local, organic food and produce to keep your positive energy levels high.

Amongst the stunning beauty of Ivory’s Rock, there’s plenty to do when you’re not busy gawping at your surroundings. Prepare to receive a head massage from a stranger, be given a warm smile from a festival worker and meet a beautiful smorgasbord of festies from around Australia and the rest of the world.

When it comes to the musical programming of the festival, you’ll find dance and electronic music, folk, techno, psytrance, local “doof” music, and anything else based on raising your vibration. The expansive yet subcultural musical offerings reflect the festival’s overall message. It’s not what you know, but rather what you don’t (or yet, anyway).

We Found Love

A true characteristic of a transformational experience is the organic vibe, its reliance on the people themselves and a friendly openness to the wider world at large. Earth Frequency Festival is an inclusive event and provides a hub for people from many different backgrounds, ages and walks of life. You won’t find simply a young, party-oriented crowd here, but you will find festival-goers of all kinds, all sporting a good attitude.

The festival demands that its patrons carry its core aesthetic of respect at all times, in order to squeeze the most out of its decorative, humanistic playground. Respect for your neighbors (even if you don’t know their names), respect for the environment and a considered respect for yourself are of utmost importance.

Take Your Time

Earth Frequency isn’t the kind of festival at which to cut loose in a whirlwind of rowdiness, but rather to disconnect yourself from your laptops and rat race trudgery to discover the world – and its inhabitants – at large. With Ivory’s Rock big enough to facilitate up to 5,000 guests, and the festival running across four days, there’s plenty of time to soak up the sights, sounds and characters of this exciting world. Above all else, Earth Frequency seeks to change people’s lives through positivity and fun. As long as you are aware of your responsibilities, it is yours for the taking. Be sure to share it with other people, too.

February 15 2019


Start: February 15
End: February 18
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